“Innovation is more than a concept, philosophy or goal for everyone at DSB Consulting – it’s a way of life.” - David Benson, Founder, DSB Consulting

DSB Consulting creates innovative cloud-based solutions for Media & Entertainment.

From custom-built platforms to development operations, no other firm offers what DSB can: institutional industry knowledge, unique Cloud expertise, fluid flexibility, and unmatched AWS experience.

We offer a unique approach to Media & Entertainment clients based on a foundation of understanding:

+ How to apply the technologies Hollywood uses to create maximum value
+ Media workflow and how to build software our clients can actually use
+ The industry’s challenges and how to surpass them

DSB clears your path to embrace the Cloud, think creatively, and transform your business. Innovation is our service, and helping Media & Entertainment evolve is our specialty.



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David Benson
David is one of the media and entertainment industry’s most innovative technologists and foremost Cloud experts.

He’s spent his 20-year career - from the Survivors of the Shoah Foundation to overseeing projects for Technicolor to founding DSB Consulting in 2010 - on the cutting edge, developing groundbreaking technology solutions.

David’s held several senior technology executive positions in the post-production arena. As a consultant he’s created numerous transformative data, cloud and workflow solutions for film studios, television networks, digital content developers and distributors. His vast knowledge and expertise includes:

+ Enterprise platform design, architecture, deployment and operations
+ Cloud-based infrastructure design, deployment and operations; application and product development; and customer service and support operations
+ Standardized software development processes
+ Global standards development, implementation and commercialization
+ Digital video technology development, integration and commercialization
+ Post production technology process, development and implementation

To relax, David enjoys scuba diving, playing guitar, and hanging out with his wife and two sons.

“The shift to the Cloud is completely changing how media and entertainment is produced, delivered and consumed, opening the door for radically new business models and innovation. DSB is not only already there in terms of what we offer our clients, it’s where we’ve always been: on the forefront, innovating solutions before the industry realized it needed them.”
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Jason Brahms
Product & Business Development Honcho
Jason has more than 15 years of experience launching B2C and B2B platforms in the media, entertainment and content industries.

As Vice President of Innovation and Advanced Solutions for Sony Media Cloud Services, Jason was in charge of product design, research, development and engineering for the company’s cloud-based SAAS collaborative applications for creative professionals and content creators.

He joined Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Corporate Development team in 1998, focusing on evangelizing and incubating ideas related to disruptive technology and new business models. Among his accomplishments was helping to design, develop and launch the first IP video on demand service, Movielink.

Jason went on to hold multiple roles across various Sony business units, including Director of Content for Playstation Network, Vice President, Technology and Operations for Sony Pictures, and Vice President, Advanced Platforms for Sony Pictures.

When he’s not building cloud services, Jason is a songwriter/music producer whose songs have been featured in numerous television series, including “Ugly Betty,” “Monk,” and “ER.”

“We’ve reached a tipping point where Hollywood has turned a corner to embrace the Cloud because the benefits outweigh the fear. This new paradigm flips the script on old-school data center methodology – we used to mold our solutions to fit the problem, but now we have to mold our problems to fit the available solutions.”
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John Conroy
Marketing & Communications Maestro
John is a seasoned communications professional with an extensive background in digital media, entertainment, publishing and technology.

He has more than 15 years of expertise with corporate, consumer and events PR and marketing, messaging, media relations and internal communications.

John was a senior leader of the Los Angeles Times communications team for nearly 9 years. He oversaw PR campaigns for digital initiatives and product launches, entertainment industry and consumer events including the annual Hero Complex Film Festival, Festival of Books, and Envelope Screening Series, and day-to-day media relations.

As the award-winning Director of Music & Digital Entertainment for Rogers & Cowan he represented clients such as Napster and Microsoft. His extensive red carpet talent and media relations experience was further leveraged for events such as the Grammy Awards and the annual Elton John Academy Awards Viewing Party.

John has also written for marketing publications, video games and television and is well versed in film, audio, and video production, photography and design, and music supervision. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia.

During his free time he can be found on a stage making people laugh, in a DJ booth making people dance, or in a park with his dog. Don't call him during any World Cup match.

“Every day news comes out of Hollywood that underscores why what DSB does is relevant. There’s an extreme awareness of security and liability, and the industry is reevaluating how it manages the Cloud. DSB is the leading firm addressing these concerns; we live and breathe the Cloud, and understand what companies need to do to properly manage – and protect – their assets.”
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Damon Neale
Media Workflow Ninja
Damon is one of the industry’s leading experts on media formats and workflows and has extensive experience with change projects and is DSB’s boots on the ground in London.

He has worked in new media technology, production and business for more than ten years and has been a sought-after senior consultant, solution architect and systems integrator. Damon’s played key roles in many of the broadcast industry’s largest and most complex technology change projects, creating and implementing innovative solutions for the BBC, BSkyB and Sony Pictures Television.

Damon has a strong background as a project intermediary, liaising and translating between various stakeholders to ensure that results align with business goals and serve the purposes of end-users and development teams.

He is also a professional photographer, videographer, editor, and graphic designer with a deep understanding of each medium’s respective workflows.

Damon enjoys photography, acrobatics, scuba diving, skiing and sci-fi.

“Everyone at DSB lived through the evolution of digital media and the Cloud. The value we bring is that we understand what it took to go from one platform to the other, not only technologically but in terms of workflow. It’s not obvious from a purely tech or purely media standpoint what the obstacles are - or will be - for any given solution, but because DSB understands how media companies actually run, from the traffic department to editors, we’re able to build software the industry can actually use.”
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Simran Butalia
Lead Innovator
Sim has more than 15 years of experience architecting, designing, developing and implementing small to large software applications with a high level of complexity.

He’s established himself as one of digital media’s most innovative software developers and architects for companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Deluxe Digital Studios and Technicolor. He also served as Digital Media Creative Director for LakersNation.com and I Just Wanna Dance (and yes, he’s a fantastic dancer).

Sim is graduate of California State University-Northridge with a degree in computer science.

“A key DSB offering is creating and supporting large, custom-built cloud platforms because one size doesn’t fit all, and managing the software process is very heavy. Additionally, the shift to the Cloud has a monumental impact on day-to-day operations and requires a completely different way of thinking. Helping media and entertainment companies make that transition is DSB’s specialty.”

“A key DSB offering is creating and supporting large, custom-built cloud platforms because one size doesn’t fit all, and managing the software process is very heavy. Additionally, the shift to the Cloud has a monumental impact on day-to-day operations and requires a completely different way of thinking. Helping media and entertainment companies make that transition is DSB’s specialty.”
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Elon Avisar
Project & Ops Wrangler
Elon has more than 15 years of project management, operations, and logistics experience. His extensive IT background includes serving as network administrator for Technicolor for 5 years and working at several digital start-ups.

Food (and it’s distribution) is in his DNA; his first job as a teenager was working on the factory floor of his family’s meat processing and beef jerky business. Prior to joining DSB, Elon served as VP of Transportation; Logistics for Meatco Provisions for 8 years, where he wore every business hat except Sales.

He holds a degree in business and information technology from the University of Arizona.

When he isn’t wrangling DSB projects and operations, Elon loves to cook, eat, and be a dad. He’s also a saltwater aquarist.

“For some DSB clients we build something they haven’t been able to build themselves, keep that service running and continue to improve it on an ongoing basis. With other clients we oversee projects they don’t have in-house expertise with, or things they haven’t done because it’s outside of their scope and focus. Then we teach them how to fish for themselves, so to speak.”
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